Christian Formation is vital to life at FMC.  We strive to nurture the faith of all ages. Through prayer, community, proclamation, Bible Study, singing, sharing our faith journeys and service the young and the old together are formed into God’s people.   Some of the programs that are in place to help with faith formation are:

Infant Dedication - We dedicate infants and make promises to nurture them and support the parents in raising them to love and honor God.

Sunday School

Sunday School Classes – In classes for children ages 3 through high school our children are nurtured by competent teachers using the curriculum Shine: Living in God’s Light which is co-published by Brethren Press, and MennoMedia.   A variety of options are available for adults during our Sunday School hour.

Youth Groups – The Bobcats, for grades 1 through 5, meets monthly.  The MYF is made up of 10 young people in grades 6 through 10.  They meet twice a month as schedules allow.

Mentoring Program – Beginning in 6th grade each youth is paired with an adult mentor.  This relationship can take various forms but is meant to be a way for each youth to have an adult other than a parent to whom they can share their faith journey.

Worship – All ages participate in our worship each Sunday.  Not only is it a time to praise and honor God but it is also a time to learn and grow in faith as we hear the scripture read and proclaimed by the pastor or fellow members.

Black Rock

Church Retreat - Every September the entire church family spends a weekend at Black Rock Retreat Center.  The goal is for spiritual refreshment and relaxation.  It is a great chance to nurture our connections with one another, resulting in a stronger community.

Blessing Ceremony – This is a church service dedicated to the youth who are entering their teen years.  It is a chance for the congregation to recognize this milestone and to covenant to continue to nurture and help them to grow into the people God desires them to be.

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