• Worship is central to our life together at Frazer Mennonite Church.  Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 a.m. is the primary time each week when this faith community gathers to worship the living God.  We minister to one another as we worship God together and share our lives and our faith with one another. Click here to learn more about our worship services.

Connecting Groups

  • Connecting groups meet 1-2 times per month from October through May. Group members become a regular part of each other’s faith journeys as they meet to discuss books and films, share parenting strategies, volunteer together at local organizations, and dig into issues that affect our wider communities. (And eat together, of course.)

Youth Groups

  • The Bobcats, for grades 1 through 5, meets monthly.  The Jr Youth group, for grades 6 through 8, meets several times a month as schedules permit. Currently, we do not have a high school youth group because we have no youth in this age group, however we will in a few years!

Mentoring Program

  • Beginning in 6th grade each youth is paired with an adult mentor.  This relationship can take various forms but is meant to be a way for each youth to have an adult other than a parent to whom they can share their faith journey.

Church Retreat

  • Every September the entire church family spends a weekend at Black Rock Retreat Center.  This is a great chance to get to know people better and build community.

Women's Book Group

  • This unofficial church group meets every couple of months to discuss mutually agreed upon books.

Ploughshares Community Garden

  • A community garden started by FMC in the spring of 2008 on our church property.  The goal was to create a place where local community members could connect with one another and with God’s creation and also grow affordable healthy food.  Since then, the garden has continued to grow and has recently added plots specifically growing food for the Chester County Food Bank.
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