Frazer’s emphasis on connecting, caring, and healing is fundamental to who we are as a faith community. Activities in this area are designed to build the health of our church, providing opportunities for us to share with each other those moments that are ordinary and those that are life-changing. We actively strive to care for one another through the following ministries:

sharing a meal

Sharing meals: We share favorite dishes at a carry-in fellowship meal once each month, invite newcomers to someone’s home or out for a meal after weekly services, drink coffee and tea together each Sunday, and prepare meals for families experiencing births, deaths, and other life transitions.

Connecting Groups meet 1-2 times per month from October through May. Group members become a regular part of each other’s faith journeys as they meet to discuss books and films, share parenting strategies, volunteer together at local organizations, and dig into issues that affect our wider communities. (And eat together, of course.)

Support Groups attend to the wellbeing of those experiencing depression, those caring for aging parents and families dealing with mental illness.

Our Fun & Fellowship Team organizes social events throughout the year for congregants of all ages. We have gone bowling, told stories around a bonfire, pulled taffy, performed music and read poetry at an annual coffeehouse, and played board games together.

Our Parish Nurses Team encourages physical health by providing regular blood pressure screenings and sharing tips for healthy living. 

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