All of the ministries of Frazer Mennonite Church are clustered into five ministry areas:

Worship – Worship, along with Christian Formation, lies at the heart of our life together and of our mission in the world. We seek to provide vital and meaningful worship experiences for all ages.

Christian Formation – Ministries in this area provide various opportunities for forming our children in Christian faith and for ongoing spiritual growth for all ages. We invite all persons onto a formative journey as life-long learners and disciples of Jesus Christ.

Connecting, Caring and Healing – These are ministries that carry out FMC’s core values and the actions which we identify as Frazer’s strengths as a welcoming, connecting and healing place.

Peace, Justice and Evangelism – We seek to bring our ministries of word and deed together in this area of holistic witness to our faith in Jesus Christ. We understand the good news that Jesus proclaimed to be a holistic message of “peace and wholeness.”

Whole Life Stewardship – The ministries of calling out and stewarding all of FMC’s resources are included under this area. We recognize that we are called to be good stewards of all the gifts and resources that God has given to us individual and together as a community—people, talents, time, possession, and money.

The pastor gives oversight to the worship area. Each of the other four ministry areas is given oversight by a volunteer member of the congregation who is discerned for that particular role and affirmed by the congregation to serve as a lay minister. Together the pastor and these four lay leaders comprise the FMC Ministry Team, the central leadership team of the congregation.

Frazer Mennonite Church adopted this new ministry-oriented church structure in January 2008.

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