M Freese Maegan Freese teaches high school English and Theater at Okinawa Christian School International. She attended Frazer following graduation from Johnson University and while here received a MA from Villanova University. She considers herself a southerner as most of her life was spent in Alabama and Tennessee.
W West Warren West Warren West is a former FMC attendee currently serving with Mennonite Central Committee in Cambodia. While attending Frazer he received his MA from Eastern University. In January 2016 he married Sophea Ly. He provides active oversight for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) for MCC Cambodia's portfolio of projects.
Hostetter Family Michael and Nancy Hostetter are long-term church planters serving with Eastern Mennonite Missions in Chile. They give oversight to the work of Eastern Mennonite Missions in South America.
Probsts Amy Nielsen serving in Japan.





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