Welcome to this virtual window into the faith community that gathers at 57 Maple Linden Lane, Frazer Pennsylvania.

When you venture into our worship space, one of the first things that will catch your eye is the large verse on the front wall:

  • Children's  Sunday
  • Chicken BBQ
  • Annual Auction
  • Caring Quilt
  • Palm Sunday
  • Croquet
  • Service
  • Special Music Sunday School Class
Bible Verse

God’s grace is enough.
God’s grace is enough for the imperfect people of Frazer Mennonite Church.

All of us are welcomed and embraced as we are,
by the gracious and loving God
revealed to us in Jesus Christ.

The people of Frazer Mennonite trust in that grace,
depend on its life-giving power in our ordinary and messy lives,
and seek to share the good news of God’s amazing grace with everyone.

So, Frazer Mennonite Church is a grace-filled place.
Come and experience God’s grace with us!
Come and discover with us….God’s grace is enough!

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